Snowing in Hottest Country of Middle East – UAE


This is quite shocking and at the same time amazing and crazy. Local people in UAE are going crazy as the hottest and deserted country of Middle East ‘The UAE’ is getting snow in its Northern Emirate named Ras Al Khaimah. Videos of snow fall went viral on 2nd Feb over social media. It is the not the first time it snowed, but a country with hottest temperatures like 45°C to 55°C all over year gets snow … its a Miracle!

UAE official weather department tweeted onsite temperature from the highest mountain of UAE called “Jabal Jais” which dropped upto -5°C

Currently UAE is going through extreme weather conditions which includes extreme winds, dust storm, rainfall (all at the same time) high tides getting ships to the shores and falling of construction crane on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.


As well its a good news that deserts are chilling right now, but also disturbing global weather shift condition.

Enjoy the Gallery


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