UAE Trials Smart Signal Technology


From deserted city to Metro-Hub of Middle East, UAE has been dealing up with many challenges. Transport and pedestrians safety is one of the foremost adherence from RTA (Road Transport Authority).

Recently in order to ensure safety measures for pedestrians and reduce run-over accidents, RTA is experimenting the use of ‘Smart Signals Technology’. The sensor-based traffic lights system was installed on Al-Sa’da street, which is located in a crowded area near Dubai Financial District.

The paved signals turn green as soon it detects pedestrians to cross the road and turns red if not, thus allowing more time for vehicles to pass.

This is really Smart! It not only allows pedestrians to cross the street on time – skipping the need of signal ‘WALK’ to turn green even if the road is empty! but also benefits traffic to flow more. The sensor-based system fixes these issues SMARTLY!

There’s definitely a need for them – according to Dubai Police, at least a quarter of road deaths last year were caused by run-over accidents.

And this could save money as well as lives. Between January and November last year, 64,458 jaywalkers were penalized with AED 200 fine, Gulf News reports.


A further installation will be done on more streets for testing purposes. Watch out on Dubai’s streets, you might see the technology live!

We hope stray cats shall be taken care more after implementation!  😉



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