This Mannequin Challenge Wins Hearts for Women Respect

FPS LUMS CARMA Team Mannequin

The award winning Mannequin Challenge by Carma Team from FPS LUMS, beautifully highlights the norms of society against Women. This unique mannequin was performed by the students of Foundation Public School – LUMS (Lahore) where they portrayed prominent women issues such as;

  • Women for Cooking.
  • Acid Attacks over turning down marriage proposals (mostly)
  • Beating up because Men are always right.
  • Trading for Money.
  • Abduction and Prostitution.
  • Discrepancy in raising voice for justice.
  • Objectifying Women.
  • Pervert mindsets.
  • Men: Not to Act for Women justice.
  • Abortion of Baby Girl – Child.

    The award winning video by the FPS LUMS CARMA Team!
    Take a look!

    Posted by FPS A Level on Sunday, January 29, 2017

    Most amazing video over social media, a message of HUMANITY for HUMAN BEINGS!


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