Careem and Uber faces ban in Pakistan Provinces

Uber and Careem

Sindh and Punjab government moves to shutdown ride sharing services like Careem and Uber and block their mobile apps because they are “causing great losses to the govt exchequer”.

In reality, these services are providing tremendous benefit far greater than the fees LTA collects. They give thousands of people additional disposable income which is spent and taxed in Punjab. They increase mobility which directly correlates to economic activity which is again taxed (in line with why the current govt is spending so heavily on roads and metro bus projects). They also bring down transportation costs which increases disposable income and prosperity of Punjab residents. More vision and less bureaucratic turf tantrums are in order.

Careem Director for Pakistan Junaid Iqbal responded to this recent ban on social media via video. Reaching out to Careem followers and fans and explains everything beautifully, moreover… logically!


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