What is a Smoothie?


Smoothies are blended beverages that are often mixed with fresh fruit, crushed or shaved ice, frozen fruit, or other fruit juices. Smoothies usually do not contain ice cream (that’s what milk shakes are for). Smoothies date back to the 1960s when they were offered as healthy alternatives to milk shakes but it wasn’t until the 1990s that they began to really catch on. Stephen Kuhnau, founder of Smoothie King, the second largest smoothie franchise in the US, claims to have coined the term “smoothie” in the late 1960s though a company named Waring made a blender in the 1940s that had an accompanying booklet publishing recipes for “smoothees”.

What makes a smoothie is its base. It’s base can be Yogurt, milk, banana, coconut/almond milk. You can now add whatever you like (preference) fruits, veggies etc. then you can decide to add a sweetener if you think the fruits aren’t sweet enough (honey, Stevie, sugar etc).

Note: Customize it. Avoid Honey/sugar/sweeteners. Use fresh fruits or froze it overnight; not more than that, to get smooth texture for smoothies.


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