Baigan Bhurta Masala

250 grams – Roasted Aubergine (Baingan) without skin.
4 tbsp – Oil
1 cup – Tomatoes – finely chopped
1 cup – Onions – finely chopped
Green chilies – medium chopped (mild)
1 tsp – Cumin seeds – (lightly crushed in a pestle mortar)
1 tsp – Fenugreek seeds (Methi danay)
2 – Dried red chilies – whole
½ tsp – Red chili powder
½ tsp – Cumin Powder
¼ tsp – Turmeric
1 tsp – Salt – (adjust later if needed)
½ – Lemon – Juice for lemon (optional)

1. Roast the whole aubergines in an oven for 45 mins at 180 degrees. Put them in water for 5 mins while hot. It will loosen the skin and make the flesh easily removable from the skin. Open the aubergine with your hand & scrap the pulp with a spoon. See the photos. Any Turkish grocer will have roasted aubergines sold in a bottle. You can use those as well.
2. In a pan heat the oil. Add cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds,whole red chilies and cook for about a minute on medium to high heat. Let them crackle.
3. Add chopped onions and saute for another minute. Do not brown them.
4. Now add chopped tomatoes and cook for 3-5 mins. Add a splash of water to loosen the tomatoes.
5. Add salt, chili powder and cumin powder. Cook for a minute more. Don’t let it burn.
6. Add the roasted (mashed) aubergines. Mix and cook on high heat for 2-3 minutes.
7. Now reduce the heat to low, add half of chopped chilies and cover with a lid. Let it cook for 20 mins.
8. Once the oil comes out on the sides in the pan, garnish with fresh chopped coriander and chopped chilies. Serve hot. You can add a bit of lemon juice on the top if you like.


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