Microsoft Surface: 5 million tablet to share


    Today day tablet. ASUS introduces the Padfone 2, interesting concept smartphone and tablet two in one, and Microsoft begins to move to the imminent launch of Surface. And it does seriously. Yes, because Steve Ballmer recently had reduced the importance of the tablet for Microsoft, saying it expects to sell only a few million devices. The game down but was discovered. The Wall Street Journal reported Microsoft orders from home for about 3/5 million tablets next quarter. And the fact that Microsoft really believes in his tablet is also seen in the communication. Just today have launched a TV commercial in the United States entitled “Movement” which will be accompanied by a very aggressive marketing campaign. Steve Ballmer is no joke.

    The arrival in store was announced on October 26, just in time for the newly arrived iPad mini probably. Concepts and different potential, mind you, but the sector remains the same.

    No coincidence that Microsoft has waited a long time before announcing the price of its tablet, until now, as it happens. Those interested can pre-order a fact directly and make sure the 32GB version for $ 499 and the 64GB at $ 699. Certainly not prices “affordable” such as the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire. It simply means that the viewfinder there is only one brand: Apple, with its 17 million tablets sold last quarter is the benchmark in the industry. And a few hours ago Apple has just officially announced the event on October 23 at 19:00 hours local Italian where presumably present the much talked about iPad Mini.

    We’ll see if Microsoft Surface will be enough to restart. PC sales are, in fact more and more in free fall, in the third quarter of the requests in the sector fell by 8% compared to 2011 and the prospects are brighter. The tablet market can therefore no longer be an accessory for Microsoft, at all costs has become a certainty to start again, and soon.

    ( Via Woorup )


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